Electrolux EWW1486HDW resets to 1 minute as soon as a cycle starts!

Ok so here goes….. my washer dryer is getting on a bit now (8 years old) and has had a few parts replaced including pumps, main board and other small bits. I’m completely stumped with the current issue though!

No matter what type of cycle I choose (wash and/or dry) the machine doesn’t lock when I press start and sets the timer to 1 minute, it then flashes the main cycle button for about ten seconds and goes to 0. It acts like the cycle has finished and allows me to change the cycle without throwing up any error codes!

when this issue first started the door was locking when I started the cycle, then unlocking after the minute timer, but this has stopped to!

It also make no difference if the door is open or closed, will this most likely be a door catch issue? I’m mainly perplexed as it is giving me no error codes!

I’ve checked all wiring inside and the different boards + door lock and can’t see any noticeable issues.

Anybody have any experience with this kind of issue? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!


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