UE Boom 3 || will not output sound via PC

Recently my UE boom 3 speaker has problems connecting to my PC and also is being selective with what is being played.

currently it will not out put any sound despite it being paired as audio in my PC (Windows 10 )settings

In the past before this major problem it would only play audio from YouTube or anything else that was not a game (pc games) However now it just will not put any kind of sound

My speaker works find with my phone

Ihave already tried updating my speakers through the UE app on iPhone

I have already tried looking for updates on my windows 10 PC

I have tried pairing it while the speaker is connected to my PC via USB for charging and also will not work


Any kind of help will be appreciated

this speaker is about two years old it may still have warranty but I am suspecting it is something to do with my PC because before this it was working perfectly fine

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