Need help soldering Superlux headphone speakers

I’ve got pair of Superlux headphones and old Philips headphones SHP1900. Speakers in the old ones started sounding really quiet after some time, so I wanted to fit speakers from superlux into them. I tried soldering the cables, many combinations, but the best result I got was when both speakers were outputting Left and Right channels together.

I need some helping with soldering them, so the left earcup is the Left channel and the Right earcup is the right channel.

Here are some photos of the cables and speakers.

Main cable: red, gold, and green wire

Block Image

Cable going over the headband: red and gold wire

Block Image

Left earcup:

Block Image

Right earcup:

Block Image

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Does the cable start at the left or right side of the headphones?


@andrewsawesome it starts at the left side