Circuit diagrams and technical wiring

Can anyone help with circuit diagrams, the model I have is DP188 but any information on the electronic and electrical composition of these machines would be helpful. Mine has died and whilst there is power to motor control circuit board and motor is ok when tested with a battery so it looks like it might be a component on the circuit board, fuses check out OK. Thanks.

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Tony, who makes your treadmill?


It is labelled 'Treadmill' with the original manufacturers being a Chinese Company I believe and it is marketed by various other outfits.


going to be tough to get a diagram. Any manufacturer markings on the logic board? How are your photography skills ;-) any chance you could post an image of the board.


oldturkey03...sorry I did not get back to you, PC crashed and I lost details of this site. I tried to upload picture but couldn't find out how to do it. I have discovered problem, I jumped to conclusion that circuit board next to drive belt motor was the control board for that motor...silly billy..that was the control board for the incline motor and the drive motor board is next to the incline motor, logical now I have found correct board I can see the damaged/burnt out resisrtors I believe they are so can take it from here. Thanks again and sorry for not getting back. I believe this thread is now obsolete, I really do need to take time and find out exactly how to use this site....Tony


I have a problem with treadmill hp1860 PCB control motor. I have not see a serial number and so I have dificulty to searce in google to finde e new PCB, or to finde a scematic diagram & tutorial testing. I am pleased to anyone the can to hellp me. my e-mail Thanks.