JBL 500 headband disassembly


recently, my daily drive headphones began showing signs of wear and tear that I have no idea how to take care of. It’s a pair of JBL 500 (The non-BT variant, still using a cable). There’s something loose in the headband part. I already took apart the speaker parts themselves, and nothing’s in there.

My question is - how do I disassemble the headband part to find the part that’s loose? I’ve been using these headphones for years, took them apart when one of the two sides stopped working, and managed to fix every issue so far.

How the headband comes together howeverf… Is beyond me.

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Look up videos on YouTube. From what I've seen, pop the speakers out of the half ring holding them, should just pops right out when you spread that half ring. At the middle of that loop looks.like there is a screw that goes up into the band. What exactly is messed up with your headphones?


@brandon_k Never noticed that, thank you. I'll see if it helps.

The issue is there's a piece of something rattling inside the headband of the headphones. It doesn't limit the functionality, sure, but I'd like to get it out. And am also looking for ways to change the headband upholstery as the outer blue layer of plastic covering is peeling off (As mentioned in the post, I have had these headphones for *years*, and would like to keep them even longer)


Oh definitely check youtube. I remember when I was looking these up there was at least one or two videos on changing the parts like that.