Internal Battery Not Detected, Second Repair

Repaired enough iphones not to be terribly scared of Apple devices but this was my first swollen battery repair on the late 2016 MBP. Followed the shortened guide here where I just get a little bit of room to negotiate the battery cable under. I also tape the power leads just to make sure they are not going to cause faults while negotiating everything. Removal of tape for final lockdown of power.

First trial was easy, no sweat. Boot up, no battery detected.

3 times I looked at my work, reseated cables, cleaned with ISO, nothing made the first battery come back. Contacted seller, let them know I could not detect the battery, maybe bad batch, send another please.

Second one came in today, this is getting easy, opened up the machine, pulled the new/old battery out, put the new new one in.. %#*@.. same issue. It’s just not detected at all.

I’ve reset SMC.

If you pull the power while its booted it dies.

It’s either a bad batch and I’m stuck in it, or its my fault and I don’t know what I did. I need a bit of help trying to either test my work or punt it back for a refund and try another vendor.

When the battery is not detected after repair, how can I help suss out what is wrong?

Note that everything else on the machine seems just happy as it always has. Boots clean and w/o issue.

edit: Updated w/ additional notes.

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bump? heheh. Looking through the only videos I could find some have SMC issues but without causing a short I’m not really confident I blew something. Not enough tools to diagnose at home though. Maybe bring it by a tech shop and see if they have something that can help with identification?