PS4 blinks blue 4 times then no light

  1. PSU is ‘squeeking’, one capacitor has expanded a tiny bit, but it delivers power (somehow), although I don’t rule out faulty PSU
  2. I replaced the HDMI port, everything looks great
  3. I have spare HDMI encoder from donor board, current one has been visually inspected
  4. The board as well as the shielding looks to be corroded in various non critical places (humidity/flooding?)
  5. It was bought for dirt cheap, it’s a DIY fix so don’t worry about my budget and costs of replacing anything, I just cant figure it out myself
  6. PS4 CUH-1216A - same donor board

The HDMI port has been badly damaged (inside broke in half), supposedly the previous owner dropped it [HDMI cable -> Something] when the HDMI cable was in.

Current guesswork: previous owner actually dropped it and broke it, but then tried to insert the HDMI cable again, shorted the circuit and fried the encoder (?)


With HDD: PS4 blinks blue 4 times then no LED light, fans / hdd still working - no display

Without HDD: PS4 blinks blue to eternity - no display

The white LED has around 4.8V on one side and 0.1V on the other (not working LED?)

Also continuity test on multimeter can turn on the Blue LED and the Orange LED but not the White LED. Assuming the middle LED is actually the while LED

How does this look for you guys?

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Sounds like a faulty cpu (connection) to me. Difficulty of reballing / replacing the cpu: very hard...


@tomasvdlaan Agreed, but it's still weird that LED lights just go off and the console is still running.