Charging problem in my HP laptop

I m plugging the charger but laptop is not charge

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Does the laptop boot up with the battery removed and only the charger/power supply connected? Does the charging light come on when the battery is connected and the charger is plugged. You don't mention this.

It could just be the battery need replacing.


That sounds like a bad charger isaac. There are charger/AC power adapters for HP Laptops for sale many places. I bought on for my HP Beats via Amazon, it is not HP Brand, but it works well. You need to know the voltage and current requirements for your laptop, then you can go shopping. That information should be on the bottom of the laptop, or, if you know how to do an internet search for your laptop (use the HP model number), you can get that information online. Is yours a "17-x027ds"? The model number must be exact, in order to ge the right specs. Look for information about your laptop here: