Why are my tvs going black?

There are three tvs in my house, all different brands. They all go black at different times, usually once a week. Sometimes the sound will go off, Sometimes it will not. It is so odd. One of the tvs is brand new. When the tvs turn black none of the other electronics go off.

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What is the source of the signals to the TV?

If it is a "box" of some description, (streaming device or cable box etc), it may be the box that is the problem if all 3 TVs are connected to it.

If they are all connected to a "box" what is the connection type between the signal source and the TVs, WiFi or cable connection

What is the make and model number of the "box"?

When the TVs go black, how long is it for and does the picture (and audio) come back by itself or not?


Idk. It is cable. Yes te pictures and audio come back on by themselves. It can be anywhere from one min to 10 min. It also has days where it will go on and off for hours.


@Alyssa Singletary

I was updating my comment when you replied so please reread the comment ;-)


Cable and idk if I have a box. All i know is i "plug" (screw in) the cable to the tvs. One of them is really old and doesn't seem to do it as much


@Alyssa Singletary

You may have to find out where the signal source is.

If it is a cable box and not a TV antenna then the box may be the problem or it even may be a problem with the cable company sending the signals to the cable box.

Find out what the setup is i.e.find out the make and model number of the box and what cable company supplies the TV signals to the premises, if this is how it is setup

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