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here i am minding my own business on my phone, when I notice a sub box showed up on my TV. Me thinking its just a shut down prompt without looking I scroll along to press no so it doesn't turn off. I notice nothing happened when looking up the sub box said "are you sure you want to block this", with a message underneath saying " shut the **** up ya wh*re. Then without being able to see anything else the box closed by itself.

Is there a way to send text prompts to a TV through a phone?

I have looked through all my settings and there is nothing that shows about texts. I connected my own phone to the TV and its audio sharing only.

TV model: Toshiba smart TV 43LL3A63DB

I have tried everything to look at previous prompts but there is nothing suggesting that this can be done

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Are you using the phone to control the TV?

What is the signal source for the TV?

If it has internet access have you checked your router security setup?

Just a thought on this


@jayeff TV was on hdmi as I was using my ps. Its AVS I only though Bluetooth and Internet access is private


Hi @shane2001

So the TV was getting a signal from the PS console at the time and not from an outside source, is this correct?

Was the console online at the time?

Has it happened more than once?

Is your PS internet access via WiFi? If so perhaps you should change your WiFi password anyway just in case

Haven't got a smart TV myself so don't know if it is possible but was wondering whether the apps can access the internet unbeknownst to you and you've got malware in the TV

Only trying to eliminate possibilities


@jayeff shouldn't have anything to do with that it was a drop box that showed up in the TV like when it says your TV is about to $@$* down



Don't know, sorry.

Maybe try resetting the TV using the factory reset option (if there is one as I couldn't find the user manual for your model)

Getting a message box on the TV for whatever reason seems like either there was something else going on the TV in the background as well as what you were doing or it came from the console.