Why the control wheel is not working


I have a problem with my sony a6000 and I wonder if someone could help me. I need to know which part of the camera is damaged and has to be changed. So I explain the problem…

I first had an issue with the LCD screen. I opened the camera and fixed the connection between the LCD and the motherboard which was damaged. After reassembling all the LCD screen worked again but a new strange problem appeared with the control wheel. For example when I am in a menu and I press on the left or bottom of the wheel the cursor first changes location (which is normal, so the control wheel looks ok) but then, and very quickly, the screen changes and goes directly to the "preview of the photos" (generally accessible by the "play" key, I don’t push this key, the change is automatic). The right and top buttons of the wheel work correctly (not going to the photos preview). The ok key (in the middle of the wheel) also has the problem, when I press it (to validate anything) the screen always goes to the preview of the photos (this is a big issue to me because I am now unable to change any settings of the camera).

Could anyone tell me what are the possible causes of the problem?

I think maybe this could come from the motherboard but I am not sure at all and I would like to be sure before buying a new one.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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