Need the pinout for battery 74XCR Li-polymer

Good afternoon everyone. Long story short, I have a tablet Dell Venue 8 pro 5830 that works very well, but it is not charging its battery anymore.

It seems that the charging circuit is not working, so, while I am in parallel trying to find someone who can fix the circuit, I decided to try to build a kind of external charger for its battery.

This tablet uses a Li-polymer battery 74XCR (attached picture) and I need to find out what the pinout is for the 12 pin connector.

I am trying to build a simple charging system with a TP4056, but I am having trouble to identify what combination of wires from the 12 pin connector must be connected to the TP4056.

Does someone know the pinout for this 74XCR battery?

Many thanks


Block Image

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