Intermittent signal to battery side V-Moda Wireless

Dear Fellows of the Fixit Community

So I’ve just recently had this issue, more than likely due to having dropped these by mistake.

When playing music via wireless eventually the signal to the headphone with the battery inside would cut out but the other would still continue to play.

I had tested them with a wire to the computer however there was no problem full range of sound for a long time.

Opening this I had thought there would be an issue with the connection of the cables, that may be one of them disconnected from the board.

Put it back together no problem then again the same problem.

Then I had noticed this break in the cable.

In your wise experience should i just pull the cable back inside a bit, soulder the spot in question, then after cold apply some plastic glue with the hot glue gun?.

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Block Image

Block Image

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