canon printer MG5250 printing head stuck then power gone!

Hi all .. i have canon MG5250 .. the problem starts with error B200 after that i did :

1- unplug it.

2- moved the print head to the middle .

3- plug it then turn it on while the cover is open.

4- wait the head to go to the left then closed the cover.

i did all these steps and till now every thing its ok and the error is gone so i tried to use it to see if its work so i clicked on copy button and its start make sound like the the noise when its cleaning head after maybe 1 min or less the power gone , completely dead, i tried to unplug it then plug it again after while but still no power , also the printing head stuck on the right and i can’t move it at all .

I don’t know what’s going on. Is the head stuck and causes some extra load on the power source which led to its damage?

or some thing else ?


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