WiiMote Repairs, got some questions.

So, I’m doing repairs for a reseller of older consoles. he sent me home the other day with a crate of WiiMotes. the problems shown are “Won’t Sync” “no Power” “Corroded X” and a few “Doesn’t Work”. I have combed the interwebs and have yet to find anything, that could help me troubleshoot components. I have found a couple interesting Articles. One being a tear down from 2006 on SparkFun, and a PDF for a project detailing converting the WiiMotes to USB. I’m competent and can understand a lot. I even used to posess the J-STRD Soldering Cert. while a lot of usefule information can be taken from the teardown, I’m not able to extrapolate relevant information since in depth electronics are not really something I do. I Build, Troubleshoot, and service PCs and Networks. Electronics has been an interest but not really something I do hardcore into. Troubleshooting and repairs are soemthing I can do, but, I need data. I have test points all over these WiiMotes, but I’m not sure about the data to look for, which points to use with others and what data i get will tell me. So it comes down to, Does anyone have this information or knows where to find it?

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