Tablet only turns on sometimes, can't get it consistent.


I have a Chuwi Surbook Mini that won’t turn on all the time. I’ve tried power cycling, hard reset, and plugging/unplugging the battery to the motherboard but it will only turn on once in a while. Originally, the red LED indicator light on the front would flash indicating if it has been reset or not but as of now, I haven’t been able to get it on in a few weeks and the LED indicator light no longer turns flashes red.

Do I need to replace the battery? I’ve checked both sides of the motherboard and nothing looks like it could be blown or fried. Thank for the help!

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Hi ...

ich besitze ein Surbook (nicht Mini!) und habe das gleiche Problem bzw. die gleichen Symptome. Der Akku ist scheinbar ok und die rote LED lechtet / blinkt nicht mehr mit angeschlossenem Netzteil.