Screen randomly going to sleep Android

Hello, I have recently been experiencing my screen randomly turning off. It doesn't shut off, I just press the power button twice to wake it up, but this is extremely annoying. Especially when I'm watching Twitch or YouTube, it'll just randomly go to sleep. I have tried booting it in safe mode, and the issue isn't there. I. Also found out that the app Reddit was affecting it, so I deleted it. AND THE ISSUE STILL PERSISTS! This is extremely annoying and I would really like the assistance of a professional. Thank you very much. Please respond to this as soon as possible.

Solutions I tried:

-safe mode

-battery off for 10 seconds


-hard factory reset

I'd really like to be able to use this phone as it is my only way of communication at the moment and I cannot pay for a new battery, screen, etc. I hope this gets responded to soon.

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