Huawei lock screen stays black once it is locked


i have a Nova 3E and I’ve noticed this problem after every software update (which generally disappears a few days) where the lock screen fails to turn on fully.

The screen works fine. If I restart my phone, the lock screen loads and I can unlock my phone. Once the phone is unlocked, it works perfectly.

But the moment I press the lock button or when the screen timeout, I cannot unlock my phone again. Pressing the lock button will light up the screen. But instead of the lock screen, I just get a black screen (LCD screen is on, its just black). Despite the black screen, I know the lock screen is ‘on’ since I am able to utilise the flashlight shortcut with my fingers.

To me, it does not feel like a hardware issue since the screen works in every other way.

I have tried the following:

  • disable magazine on the lock screen
  • removed password
  • change the theme
  • wiped cache partition

So far, the only way I can use my phone is to set the screen timeout to never. Once I restart my phone and unlock it for the very first time, I cannot let the screen turn off.

Is this happening to anyone else and is there a solution to this other than a full factory reset?

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