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What are the specs of the CivilNite 3100?

I am going to talk to my dad today, can somebody find information or at least give me the specs

Here is a list of what I want if I can do this:

The Fijitsu Stylistics and the Dimension 3000, maybe 1 or 2 CivilNote computers

If you have a old copy of XP for the Demension 3000, I am going to update the BIOS so I need it

As most of you know, I am a technician in my neigberhood, I found nothing about Ubuntu Linux on the civil note laptops, which excites me a little more now that I know this will be more of a challenge


Unfortunately, my dad said no but that could change

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Here is the Fujitsu Stylistic. This is for the Dell Dimension For the CivilNote eBuddy it is a little harder to get the specs shows some on ebay


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Man, the civil notes might be harder to deal with then


Also, I was researching the dell desktop, VERY EASY to upgrade and has way too much potential for upgrading, I have a HDD on hand to use, it is only 40GB, but better then nothing


Yes they are The CivilNote 3100 is a mini notebook and all have wireless network cards. School systems used them for their computer lab. Not an easy fix but definitely a challenge and most certainly would make a neat Linux machine....


My concern is getting Ubuntu on them, I had trouble with the thinkpad 390E, I got my T60 because of that 390E, and the 390E died




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