Why is my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 6 all of a sudden quit running

The Jeep was running fine. Serviced regularly and we have owned numerous GCs and a Wrangler. The vehicle was taken to my mechanic, after stalling when 19 y o son was driving home from work. My mechanic is a good guy that knows how to do almost everything. First he replaced Cam Sensor and Crankshaft Sensor. He did use parts bought from AutoZone ,next he replaced coil sensor and all the plugs. The Jeep has bad miss and is very hard to get started initially, after it gets into higher gear it runs better but not right. Still has a miss and is not right. Today I went to the Jeep dealer and bought a Jeep cam sensor and crankshaft sensor after being told that this could be my problem ? He is installing these and replacing the brand new autozone sensors. Any help would be appreciated and even rewarded if I can get correct advice. Timing is horrid and there is a problem. Oh yeah, He also replaced the timing chain or belt last week. Please help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Daneadney@yahoo.com/901-870-0468

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Since you have a good mechanic, can he give you a picture of the CKP and CMP waveforms when you have a no start or hard to start scenario and we can help read the waveforms side by side on his scan tool or oscilloscope. Has he checked the fuel pressure? Did you have any problems prior to the timing chain job? Typically when work is done, then you have problems, something was damaged during the last job, such as damaged wires for the CMP or CKP sensors.