Car overheated now wont start

So on Sunday I was hunting and had a stick go through my radiator and and I didnt know it and started heading out of the woods and the car started getting hot so I pulled over for a minute and then drove it home when I got it home it was overheating so I got a new radiator out it in and it ran fine until today and I went to go to work and got to the park and ride turned it off then figured I'd see if it would start back up and it didnt now it just turns over and wont start. Pulled a plug out smelled like fresh gas turned it over with plug on the wire and it had spark. Any ideas?

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this has happened to me before and my car did the same thing.

so what happened was it probably something got ruined Mabey gas and air are not mixing right? our thermostat got ruined and ruined the car sooo...