HP CP2025: lost spring

I have got a HP CP2025 color laserjet printer but it is missing a spring and I’m finding it hard to find out what it is supposed to look like exactly.

On top of tray 2, there is a plate that can be lowered to remove paper jams in the manual feed ‘tray 1’. If that plate is lowered and you look upwards from the bottom of the printer, an assembly is revealed that contains some levers and a sensor that detects paper moving through the manual feed paper path.

This assembly is shown in the attached picture, cut from the ‘Internal components (3 of 7)’ picture on page 240 of the service manual.

Block Image

The spring I am missing is the one that is in the lower left part of the picture.

Because this assembly is only visible when the jam access tray is lowered I have not been able to find pictures of the complete assembly online.

If someone has this printer, would it be possible to upload a picture that shows the assembly and the spring, so I can try and order a replacement spring and put it together properly?

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