Windows Tablet cannot Select Account to continue after Blue Screen OD

When I switch on my windows tablet, it goes to a Blue screen of death then auto repairs and lands me in a blue page that asks me to Select Account to continue. Where I have

  • Administrator
  • Personal account.

This page is unresponsive and I can't choose any of the accounts to continue. Neither can I recover password. (Picture below)

There is no entry form that can bring up the keyboard either on this page.

When I restart it does the same. BSOD - auto repairs - unresponsive select account.

How can I solve this?

Block Image

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Fwiw, personally I would try support to research this. You may be able to use a Recovery USB with your unit (sorry I don't know enough about your hardware to firmly state that such a procedure will work). Also check out Dell's support (they may require a slightly different approach to resolving this problem).

Other community arenas like Windows support forums and/or's Windows subreddits would also be applicable for accessing more information.