Camera will not turn on - Completely dead

Has anyone had a issue with the Sony DSC-HX90-VB not powering up?  The camera is just 16 months old and is a great little camera when I don't want the bulk of a dSLR but a few days ago whilst on holiday, I took 2 photos, turned the camera off, put it back in its case and then when I went to use it about 30 mins later, there was nothing.  I assumed the battery was dead so replaced it with a spare I always carry, but nothing.  I have tried charging the camera (you get a very faint barely visible orange light), charging the battery in a separate charger and have left the battery out for 24 hours to reset it.  The camera is still dead.  I even bought another battery in case I had 2 duff ones but still nothing.  The camera had no kind of knocks and the lens is fully retracted.  It is just completely dead and wont fire up?  Any suggestions?

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You can get the service manual for the DSC-HX90 and DSC-HX90-V. It may or may not have information relevant to your DSC-HX90-VB.