Relay is clicking on and off


I suspect my Pioneer VSX-D608 has a power supply issue. When I turn it on from standby, the screen turns on and there’s sound from the speakers. But after a few seconds, or after I turn the volume up, I hear the main relay from the power board click and after that the receiver restarts.

I wonder how to troubleshoot this issue - what is the main reason for the relay switching? is the system shorted somewhere or is it a bad component?


Answer this question I have this problem too

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Here is a service manual that may be of some help:

Keep us updated, this is an interesting issue


@travisjfox thx, already got the manual. I have knowledge in electronics (I'm an electronics engineer) but no hands-on experience with working with complex analog circuits. I am wondering how to approach this and what I should look for first, just to get started


@yoniizu If you have the remote that goes with the device take the batteries out and turn the device on manually. I've seen dying batteries in the remote cause something similar in a Phillips brand player


I tried both with and without the remote, same problem...


@yoniizu Were the batteries removed from the remote?


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