How do you mount an internal drive using the SATA USB cable?

I did a Dual Drive upgrade to my unibody macbook. Add a SSD, moved the hard drive to the optical spot, and took out the optical drive. Now I have a spare optical drive that I’m trying to use.

Using the '''SATA Optical Drive USB Cable''' I plugged in the optical drive to the Mac. Nothing happened.

I decided to try a Windows 10 PC. Device Manager recognized a “USB Mass Storage Device”, but did not mount the drive.

So next thought I had is.. Maybe it needs media in the drive to mount. I grabbed a CD and popped it in. The drive spun the CD up for a little bit and then decided to stop.

So am I missing a driver? How do I eject the CD now?

SATA Optical Drive USB Cableの画像


SATA Optical Drive USB Cable


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