Zenbook Not Booting After Replacing Keyboard

After years of using my Zenbook the keys began falling off and I had the great idea of replacing the keyboard myself. In the process I accidentally ripped the orange strip near the fan which I've been reading is the power supply for the keyboard backlights. No big deal I never use the backlights anyway. Well now after putting everything back together it won't turn on. Plugged into the wall, the power adapter is showing green LED indicating the battery is charged. Would breaking that strip cause it not to power on? Thanks in advance and sorry if this is a dumb question I am an amateur with electronics at best.

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It could be possible that this is the ribbon cable for the power button itself. Can you take a picture of it?


Sure it is the orange ribbon by the fan. Here are pictures of it. This is obviously taken from someone else's video as the orange ribbon is still intact. The part that ripped is the part he is touching with the screwdriver in the second image. https://imgur.com/a/pvvh1wh