Why some diodes of LED are not turning on?

My phone has an LED screen.

It was having a “ghost touch” issue since a few weeks ago, searched online, read suggestions to open up the phone, disconnect and reconnect the screen to motherboard connectors, didn’t fix the issue, so I heated up the screeen, removed the actual touch screen from the front panel, wasn’t careful so my carboard went trhough the filters of the LED screen, put everything back together, the touch issue was not resolved, now I had freaking vertical lines appearing on my screen, about half of the screen, in different colors. Took the phone apart again, since some glue went between the filter layers of the LED screen, I cleaned them up with alcohol and WD40 and then put everything back together, now half the diodes on the bottom of the LED screen don’t turn on, my screen is mostly black, some vertical lines appear and after some time they brighten up.

Please help! I don’t have money to get a replacement screen, I’m such an idiot I think I might have damaged the phone in other parts so I really don’t want to wait to save up money for a new screen then replace it to find out I had had broken something else as well…

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