Samsung SCX 3205w always adds an extra blank page

I have a Samsung SCX 3205w. Every time I do a print job it adds a blank page at the end. It also does this when I just do a photocopy, which leads me to believe that it is not a software driver problem, but, rather, a hardware problem. I have the same problem with two different laptops (a PC and a Mac) that use this printer. My guess is that it’s a problem with the paper feed system. I’ve readjusted the paper alignment guides of the tray where blank pages sit and it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

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The samsung manual states one cause could be "Bad ground contacts in OPC and/or stoner cartridge". However this is the manual and did you check that first it says what to do on page 115 and so forth. Please be wary of this


I did take a look at this manual. I think that the page that is closest to my problem is this one:

I tried cleaning the cassette holder pad and that didn't make a difference. I've also now ordered a new solenoid to see if that fixes it. It's being shipped from China so will take several weeks before it arrives and I can try it out. Ultimately, I think that it's some sort of problem in the paper feed mechanism, but not sure exactly what causes it. In doing web searches on the problem, others seem to indicate similar problems with the solenoid.