Changing battery live extender settings after clean install | TabPro S

Hello Community,

i got a Samsung Galaxy TabPro S that was broken. Broken because the Tablet seems to be dead. No Charging, no flashing up anything till i opened the backcover and repluged the battery. After this i instantly have done a bios update and also i have done a clean install of Windows 10. In this case i also resized the ssd and deleted the samsung partitions on the device because i dont like the tons of hidden programs and services of samsung or other manufactures which are running in the background. But now i have the Problem that on the Tablet is the battery life extender active and set to 85%. I have tried to find any options in the Bios to set it back to 100%. Also i tryed to install all features, updates and apps of Samsung again without success.

Does anybody know how to change the batterys life extender back to 100%?

Please remember, i have no recovery of the Samsung stuff. Its just one clean partition of Windows 10 and a really short AMI Bios with no option to configurate something… something for layer-8 users i think?! What i have is the Samsung Admin Tools, but these are useless for my problem i think.

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