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2015年3月のアップデートではアップルの13インチMacBook Airは第5世代Intel Core i5またはi7プロセッサーを特徴としており、これによりわずかな性能とバッテリーライフの向上がされました。

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Doesn't turn on after water spill

My daughter spilled water on laptop. It won’t boot up. No glow from adapter. Took the back cover off and took out the battery. Still won’t boot up, still no glow from adapter but the fan runs. Any suggestions? Thanks

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A working laptop after a spill would be the exception rather than the rule. These are the steps you can try by yourself:

MacBook water damage - The definitive guide

You might need to replace also the keyboard, trackpad, battery, I/O board, logic board and the screen assembly..hard to tell without the chance to evaluate damage and testing. Here you can find the relevant replacement guides:

MacBook Air 13" Early 2015 Repair


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In my case, when I had the problem, the macbook did not turn on about 1 month. after that I took SSD out (macbook air 2013) and put the same one in and everything works well...




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