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Nintendo DSiは任天堂 DSラインの第3番目となるモデルです。2008年後期に日本で発売されました。

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Doesnt power on but charges battery and fuse ok

Hi everyone!

Got a dsi which doesnt power on but charges fine with a solid orange light. No fises are blown as I continuity tested them. Heres what I already tried

. Changed the battery to a new one

. Checked both fuses and they are both good

. Double checked all ribbon cables and they are all firmly attached

. Checked with a multimeter if voltahe was getting to the motherboard from the power board and it is working fine

. By the way, this has no water damage and no corrosion on the board

I'm not sure what else to try…

I press the start button and nothing happens. Kept it pressed for almost 2 min, still, nothing. Not even a blink on the screen or a blue led flash.

Any ideas??

Added couple images of the board in case someone sees something I missed?


Block Image

Block Image

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The power button might be faulty. Check its continuity. Try turning it on by shorting the power button’s connection. Be careful when shorting and don’t make contact with other components.


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Thanks for answering.

Tried all the buttons on the power board and they all seem fine. Shorted the start to see if would work but it didnt. Also, power board seems newer than the rest of the console so I assume it might have been changed at some point. Any other ideas are appreciated :)





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