2013-2015 Toyota Prius Temperature Control and Display

My climate and steering controls for heating and a/c do not work. The light inside the temperature controls has works and the TEMP signal from the steering column comes on when pressed, but no digits and no air is blowing out.

I checked all the fuses, none are blown. I checked all of the connections under the hood, everything is tight. I do not know if there is a relay I am missing while I checked. The maintenance book gives no info for relays/modules, or whatever electrical component.

Everything else on the vehicle runs fine.

What is the likely problem from past experience and what is the least expensive way of going? The dealership and local electronic repair shop want to sell me a new one for $470 + labor, and they want to charge $100/hr labor to diagnosis the problem. This could lead to $700 or more that I do not have.

Thank you.

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