Why am I getting multi misfire any cycilnder codes

Car was running fine on the road an suddenly had a loss of power. I've changed; coil,igniter,rotor,cap,wires, plugs and checked distributor bearings as well as the valves. car will idle fine til it barely warms up any throttle an throws misfire codes. Could my problem be the IAC valve? 1999CRV-EX 2.0 L codes are misfire cycl.1, misfire cycl. 2, misfire cycl.3, misfire cycl.4, misfire any cycl. .


After replacing the IAC valve, coil, igniter. spark-plug wires, and re-conditioning the fast idle thrmo. valve the car is running as good as new.

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@dazedanconfuzed what exact year and engine model is this? what codes are you getting?

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