05 Hemi 1500 5.7 squealing noise when turning after about 20 miles

Hello, first time posting so please be patient. I have an 05 dodge hemi 5.7 (not 4x4) with 250,000 miles. Squealing noise coming from the front when turning the wheel BUT only after the truck has been driven for at least 20 miles. I really notice it when I get to work (60 miles) when I pull into the parking garage and make the turns, right or left. It is a deep sounding squealing noise, almost like rubber rubbing on rubber. I thought it was a bad bearing in the wheel hub because one side was hotter than the other after driving but obviously it is not because it is still doing it. Due to wear and tear and popping sounds, we recently replaced the Upper control Arms, Left outer Tie Rod, Front Shocks and Sway bar and now the passenger side wheel hub. The squealing noise was there before replacing these parts. The mechanic never heard the sound. No steering issue. Any help would be appreciated. I searched through the forums but could not find one that related to the squealing issue after truck is hot. It does NOT do this when truck is cold or when I first start driving it.

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