which glue to use for plastic to plastic (PC, ABS)

Hello everybody!

I am an mechanical engineer working on new in-ear headphones (wireless, with battery). I am at the point where I need to decide which glue to use to close the device (both parts are plastic: PC and PC/ABS blend). Screws are no option due to very limited space size. Usually I would go for instant adhesives (cyanoacrlyate, low bloom) or 2k epoxy. Maybe you guys here can recommend something that makes repairing easier and is suitable for industrial mass production?

I want to add that I am no newbie in this field (15+ years of product development experience), but before I worked on devices which had enough space for screws or were too cheap to repair. But despite the trend of miniaturization of electronic devices my philosophy still remains: if it got a PCBA or battery, it should be able to repair!

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p.s.: It’s NOT about JBL headphones. This website requires to select a product (but in my case it does not exist on the market yet).

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