Paradox alarm security system setup

System parts: Paradox SP4000 + K10V keypad + Paradox DG65 motion sensors + siren (AMC Blade 01) + 45VA transformer + Accu (x2)

Two main issues need resolution please:

1)      After connected all wires and plugged into the wall only the TBL button is flashing on the keypad and no status LEDs are on at all on the keypad. If I push TBL button that results nothing, no other button lights up. I cannot step into maintenance mode or any other modes. Cannot do anything with the keypad. What could be the issue?

Keypad is properly wired according to the installer guide. Transformer is giving 18.8 V into AC input. Checked it.

 2)      The siren is a basic one with 5 separate outputs:

supply +

supply -

S (alarm terminal)

tamper (anti-opening)

tamper (tearing off)

If you have the knowledge would you please share which output of the siren should be connected into which input on the paradox central panel? Supply + and is clear but should I connect the S (alarm terminal) ? And where should I connect the two tampers in order to be in operation correctly in case of any tampering situation?

Appreciate any help

Thank you

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