Logitech UE Boom Power Button has gone wonky

Power button does not react more often than the times it behaves as expected.

I always get a clicking sound whenever I press it.

I have tried to hard-reset it by pressing Volume Down and Power, but I don’t get a reaction after 20 seconds or so.

Plugging it into a Windows 10 PC will handshake as expected and the battery will charge, but the power button is still not responsive.

Sometimes, I can get a reaction by pressing down very hard on that Power button.

That’s why I’m led to believe the switch underneath may be physically damaged. I do not know what type of switch is underneath. I have yet to take it apart.

What else should I try before tearing it down? I am wondering what kind of switch is inside this unit. I do not know if there are other methods to hard-reset the speaker other than pushing Power and Volume-Down simultaneously.

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