Capacitive Power Button Detects Phantom Contact

Hi, it seems the capacitive power button is erroneously randomly detecting something coming in to contact with it, triggering the console to switch power state. The Power Saving and also relevant Internet settings that can manipulate the consoles power state, are disabled.

You can be actively playing a game when it occurs (less then 10 seconds since you last pressed a gamepad button) or leave the console idling after powering it on and the problem will occur after a random amount of time has passed, one time the console woke up from Rest Mode while another time the console seemingly thought I was holding my finger on the Power button for 10 seconds (shut down) when in fact I had merely briefly tapped the button to put it in to Rest Mode (it beeped when I pressed the Power button on the console then beeped again 6 seconds later, then the console shut down completely).

  • The console will beep a single time before changing power state.
  • The console will state that it is either entering Rest Mode or Turning Off.
  • I have performed steps 4, 5 and 7 in the Safe Boot menu without any impact on the situation.
  • The console is not indicating any overheating, but I cleaned out dust around the outside of the console anyways.
  • It is no longer under Warranty.

Model Number: CUH-1102A

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I’ve ended up giving the console back to my brother for him to do with as he pleases and I’ve bought myself a brand new Slim model during the Black Friday sales. Newer models of the PS4 use mechanical buttons so I shouldn't encounter this problem.