Samsung Galaxy Note 4は2014年10月にリリースされたスマートフォンです。Galaxy Note 4のモデル番号は、米国の種類のSM-N910、SM-N910A、SM-N910T、SM-N910V、SM-N910R4です。

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Why wont my phone turn on or charge after I drained it

My phone was drained and now it wont charge or turn on. I tried pulling out the batter a few times and connecting to my computer but it still didnt do anything.

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Lets run through a list of stuff.

First pull the battery out and hold the power button with the battery out for 15-30 seconds. Then re-install battery and try starting up (Soft Reset)

Press and hold volume down and power button, if phone kicks on release power button but hold onto volume down button until phone turns on completely and it should show “safe mode” in bottom corner. If that works give it a charge at that point.

If the above couple things didn’t work I would say it is a hardware issue so it could be something with the battery being faulty, to components just needing to be replaced. But you can always try to do a recovery mode reset. Which you would hold the home button and the volume up button, then press and hold power button. If it kicks on release power and home but keep pressing the volume up button. Should say something along the lines of System recovery or Android recovery. This is bringing it back to factory defaults if something was wrong with software.

If none of that works please say so, cause they we can go about trying to trouble shoot hardware.


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