Home button stopped working


All of a sudden my tablet screen froze and a malware (I'm guessing?) started downloading and I couldn't stop it or turn the tablet off. I had never experienced anything like it in the 3 years I've had the tablet so I panicked, opened up the back and disconnected the 2 flex cables - I know :-(

After I reconnected the cables and turned the tablet back on, I noticed that the home button is now unresponsive. I can't take a screenshot or go into recovery mode. When I press the Power+Home+Volume Up keys, it only starts the tablet as normal without booting into safe mode.

I already have massive battery problems - only charges when power is off - despite having had it serviced only a few months ago (USB port was replaced and so was the battery… supposedly).

I'm not sure what I've done that caused the home button to stop working. I was very careful when disconnecting and reconnecting both flex cables. The tablet restarted fine - apart from the home button.

Also, any tips on how why the back cover doesn't snap back in all the way properly? It’s loose in some places.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!

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