No Sound on My Digital radio and CD player

I have an Insignia digital radio and CD player. Got at Best Buy. The problem I have is NO Sound. It comes on, digital display and station comes up lighted and CD player appears to work , just no sound.  it looks similar to the picture but digital radio only.  What can I do to fix this problem??

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Hi @lquinl ,

What is the model number of the radio/cd player?

Has it ever worked OK?

How old is it? (thinking of warranty)


If it has an earphone socket, check there isn't a broken-off earphone plug (or other foreign objects) jammed in it - that would mute the speakers.


Start by checking the volume to make sure it isn't too low. Also, check to see if there's a mute switch or setting. You could test to see if it is an issue with the speakers by plugging in some headphones. Worst comes to worst, try taking it apart and examine the speaker cables using the speaker repair guide. Hope this helps!