WiFi not working- rarely connecting

The WiFi icon “says” it’s connected. The internet (WiFi) on this phone constantly disconnects or just doesn’t connect at all. Rarely do I get a full WiFi connection that last’s more than a minute. Need some help/ideas on how to fix this issue. Also, I’ve noticed there are, sometimes, icons within the WiFi icon. Now, I’m sure they are telling about a problem, but I have no idea what they may be trying to indicate. There’s something failing within the WiFi , but I haven’t been able to discern what that is. Hoping there’s someone that knows enough about the ‘mechanics” of the WiFi to lend a hand? It would be appreciated!!! [BLU Studio 5.0C HD~Kk 4.4.2/BLU_D535U_VO3_GENERIC]

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