Dimplex 4 Zone Wall Mounted Pilot Wire Controller (Model No. RXPW4)


I moved to new flat and all energy is for electricity. In the flat is water tank with a timer and it is getting warm during the night for low cost energy tariff.

I found out that there is also some storage heaters controller. It seems that the controller is not working. It seems burned. I do not know when was the controller installed, probably when the flat was build (2005).

My questions are… Is it cheaper to call Dimplex and ask for their electrician or shall I found someone by myself? Is the controller really burned? There is some switch. Is it for the controller?

The bill for 3 months was quite big despite I did not really stayed in the flat for one month. I am on the cheapest tariff which I can get. Is it logical to switch the water tank timer every second night as, I assume, we do not spend all the hot water and the tank should be insulated…

I am also wondering for what are the switchers next to the storage heaters?

I am attaching a pictures.

Thank you for answers!


Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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