Skull candy Crusher wireless Bass isn't working on lower volume

I bought a new pair of Skullcandy crusher Wireless just 12 days ago. I was quite happy with it. But now there's a problem with bass which wasn't there before.

When I lower the volume to 35%-40% or less, the bass just turns off unless I turn the bass slider all the way up to 90% or more and keep it there, which is overwhelming and hurts my ears.

With wire, it's even worse. The bass turns off even if the volume is just less than 50-60%

I usually listen to my music at 35% volume or lower (with bass slider at 20-60% depending the song), while I work or travel and this issue has been a huge annoyance.

My return/replace period just expired and now I must go through the hassle of claiming the warranty.

Is there any solution for this without claiming the warranty?

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I recently bought these, and I am facing the same issue as yours. So have you found any solution to this?

Also, does the service center consider it for a warranty claim or not?