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2016年9月16日に発売。モデル番号は1660, 1778で GSM かCDMA があり。/ 32、128、 256 GB / 色はローズゴールド、ゴールド、シルバー、ブラック、ジェットブラック

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iPhone 7, I dropped it in the bath

I dropped my iphone 7 in the bath last night and immediately panicked and put it in rice. The speakers sound the same but however, my home button isnt working. the touch id still works but my home button is unresponsive and im using assistive touch. HELP!!

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My first suggestion is to get the phone to a repair shop to have it opened and properly cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner or good DIY Alcohol bath if you are comfortable with taking the phone apart.

Losing the home button at this point is one of your least worries... power off your phone and do not power it back on or charge it until it is cleaned... then we can get into answering any questions about getting your home button repaired if possible.

Respond back if you have the tools and ability to take it apart for detailed instructions...


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