ses, tcs off and slip lights stay on on the dash?

I just bought this car ran perfectly fine till the day after I got it... The SES, TCS OFF and SLIP light are constantly on and when I start it and put it in reverse there's a hard jerk then wen I get it in drive and press the gas its VERY slow at gaining speed(limp mode maybe???) doesn't idle right like its in 2 gear. If I but it in manual it does better(not like its suppose to tho) and every time I stop I have to down shift 1 time before it acts better and it jerks into 2nd gear and the afree 2 nd gear it puts its self back in automatic and won't let me shift it ne more. HELP PLEASE!!!! Also obd code reader pulls 1 code which is the cam sensor bank 2 but I've replaced it twice and its hasn't changed nething either time!

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