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2011年初期のモデル。モデル番号はA1278 / 2.3 GHz i5 or 2.7 GHz i7 プロセッサー。

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iSight camera cable pinout

Hey everyone!

I broke my iSight cable on my 13-inch MBP Early 2011 and I bought a replacement cable to cut it and mend with existing cable. I noticed the colors of the 6 internal wires of this cable does not match to colors of original cable's wires. To do so, I need to match the 6 wires pin by pin. Does anyone know the wire colors and their associated pin # on the iSight camera cable? So i can match the wires using a multimeter.

Thanks in advance,

Jorge Mendes

PS: Buying a full display unit or (me or another tech) taking the risk to crash the display glass trying to open it are completely out of question.

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Those cables are machine pressed in the metal connector..I'd be surprised anyone would be able to hand solder the small cables pin by pin and fit them in place, no room to my opinion.

It would take much less effort to remove the glass and replace the cable..just my 2 cents


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Hey - thanks for your comment!

I went to several service centers, asking them to replace the entire cable by removing the front glass. However, most of them refused to do the job and take the risk of cracking the glass. Other ones agreed to do after a very expensive service fee (if successful) and no warranty (and no cost) in case of glass cracks. Honestly, I am not willing to take that risk.

About the cable, the worst part is to remove the sticky cover in order to reach the wires. I am confident that using a good soldering iron, the job can be done. There is a plenty of room to lay the cable after fixed.



@jorgemnds I got the soldering iron in my hands hours a day but honestly I wouldn't dream of undertaking such job, even if the pay was lavish ;) But of course you're free to try.

A glass only would cost you a modest amount and you can do it yourself for sure even if the old one gets broken in the process.

All you need is hot air, a couple guitar picks, a new glass, a small cheap chisel to remove the old adhesive, biadhesive roll, a compressed air can..less than 40$/€ depending where you are and a couple of hrs patience. Good luck with either task you choose.


I get your point, and I appreciate your concern. But I will keep with the "plan A", of avoiding to do something with the display unit.




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