Menu shown, then powered off, now power light flashes

When we first brought the television in and hooked it up the menu came on the screen we just didn't know how to set it up, plus we had no remote. Well the boyfriend ended up pressing a few buttons (unsure of what was changed) didn't seem to be getting anywhere so shut the television off til he could get remote from the guy he got it from. Next day he puts batteries in remote and since then the power button flashes a green light. I've noticed the light seems to be flashing a sequence (example 8...3...6...4...). Now the television screen won't even light up, you can't even tell the television is on now when you hit the power button. Since it came on the first time, I'm assuming it will again, is there a reset button? We are only connecting dvd player to the television. We do not have satellite or digital analog.

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