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Display doesn't turn on, Device doesn't seem to boot

I have an alienware 17 R3 that doesn't seem to boot up. The keyboard lights up, like it wants to boot but the display never comes on and none of the LED indicators show anything working (i.e. hdd indicator) below the monitor. Dell told me the Motherboard is dead...and it is an $1800 motherboard!

Any thoughts?

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What happened that led up to you having this issue? provide more information, how it started to act up and what have you tried to resolve the issue? be as detailed as possible so we can assess the measures and steps to be taken. Afterwards we can provide more details to assist you


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I acquired it in this condition to see if I could repair it. So I contacted Dell/Alienware Tech support and they told me it has a bad motherboard. I used the tech manual to do the different resets listed within and did a full discharge to see if that would accomplish anything. I would like to possibly do a motherboard diagnosis/repair if it is the case. I know that sourcing parts on a motherboard isn't always the easiest, but if it is a bad board, I would like to at least attempt a repair.




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